My Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations to tick off the List.

So here are my Top 5 Holiday Destinations to tick off the list. Some of which you may think "that's odd", but all of these destinations fit the bill when it comes to budget, Activities, safety and cultural experiences.

First off the List

This is one of my favourite destinations for many many reasons.
When I first visited Singapore, it was nothing like I had expected.
Its super clean, nothing seems to be out of place. Its Safe and very friendly. One place you wont have to worry about pick pocketers or looking over your shoulder. You can quite happily walk around all parts of Singapore feeling safe with your family. Getting around is super easy and cheap. Taxis are very cheap to get from one area to another. Eg.Orchard road to Sentosa.
Singapore accommodation is not the cheapest, BUT they have upped their game with now more options of larger rooms/apartments for the families. Alot of these options you will find on Sentosa Island, where all of the activities including the beach, Cable Cars, Universal Studios and the water park are.
Singapore has an abundant amount of things to see and do for the whole family and includes one of the best zoos in the world. The Singapore zoo is very large with an option of Breakfast with the animals before everyone else arrives.
Gardens by the bay and food markets are just amazing!!!
You could spend hours here going through all parts of this amazing place and then finish off by going to the food markets trying some of the local foods.
Marina Bay Sands, you know the one with the infinity pool on the very top. do not miss out on taking a visit to this place.



Vietnam is just a beautiful country filled with History, culture and incredible food.
Vietnam is cheap. Accommodation throughout this country is beautiful and affordable with many resorts offering family room options and interconnecting rooms. Food and drinks are cheap and the food is incredibly fresh and of a high standard throughout the country. Internal flights between major cities is also very affordable and most of the time will be included in your international ticket price when booking a package.
The Vietnamese are just beautiful, they don't seem to annoy you like they do in Bali or Thailand.
There are 3 main areas to Vietnam, the South (Saigon area), the middle (Hoi An, Hue area) and then the North (Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa areas)
All parts are amazing for their own reasons but if I had to pick one it would be the town of lanterns, Hoi An!
The old town is just beautiful and easy to get around to the markets and shops. if you don't want to walk you can jump on a Cyclo or cab. The other area to stay at is the beach which is about 3km out of town and where a lot of the larger resorts are. You would easily spend 5 nights in this gorgeous town.

Vietnam I found extremely safe with a child, the only thing I will say is if your taking a pram, be aware that the side streets are not proper streets so its not smooth or wide. 
Getting to Vietnam is about 8 hours direct from Melbourne into Saigon. Another option is to fly with other airlines which could include Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong or Singapore Airlines via Singapore.
You will not be disappointed with the gorgeous country.


Having been to this beautiful country filled with gorgeous Fijians and abundant varying resorts, this is always a fabulous option for families. With kids clubs, daily activities, nanny service, meals and drinks included in some resorts, its a no brainer!
Fiji, like Vietnam, has many different areas for you to stay and visit. 
3 main areas include the Coral Coast, Denarau and the outer Islands.
Coral Coast has alot of the larger resorts including Outrigger, Shangri La, Warwick and more. My pick for this area for the family would be the Outrigger or the Shangri La Fijian.
Outer islands are just beautiful and depending on your budget, depends on what Resort you would be able to book. I have many favourite Island resorts but some fabulous ones for the families that I would recommend are:
Castaway Island Resort, Malolo Resort, Mana Island.
All of these have options of meals included daily, have Bure style rooms (traditional Fijian style rooms) and you have easy access to the white sandy beach the surround the island.
Denarau Island is about 20 minutes from the airport and includes about 6 large resorts with Golf Courses, the Wharf and shopping.
Resorts here include Sofitel, Sheraton, Radisson blue which are all great for families but if I had to pick one for a family stay, you cannot go past the Radisson. Its been upgraded, the rooms are larger for bigger families and have a great pool area and right along the beach. Its not the best beach but its there and where you can get water sports from.
An option that I always give families is to try and experience an island atleast once so I would suggest doing 3 nights on the mainland in Denarau, then 5 nights on an island resort. Finish in style relaxing on your island before you fly home.
Fiji for Food and drinks is not the cheapest, like any resort, prices are a lot higher than off the street so where there is an option to have meals included and drinks, I would consider this option or at least budget for the additional extras.


You may not think this should be on the list. but I think its a wonderful option. If your heading to Europe on a big family holiday and need a stop over, or simply have Dubai on your list as a destination for the family.
One of the Richest Countries in the World, if you have never been to the United Arab Emirates, you will surely be surprised and the Structures, the money spent and also how hot it can get.
If there is one property I can recommend for a family, its Atlantis the Palm. For many reasons but it is one Ginormous Resort set on famous Palm Island, a world away from anything else.

This property has so many benefits but here is a list of just a few.
The Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium. Yes that's right, there is an aquarium in the resort, and if the budget stretches, you can have a part of the aquarium in your very own room.

Adventure Park. Hours and hours of entertainment to be had here, not just for the kids. Over 30 rides and attractions, your sure to enjoy this amazing addition to your holiday right at your doorstep.
Marine Animal Experiences. Anyone into Shark Feeding??

Getting around Dubai is easy, and shopping.... well there is plenty with Mall of the Emirates allowing you to shop till your hearts content. Oh its not just all about the shopping, there is plenty of activities throughout the mall to keep tired little shoppers busy including indoor ski Resort, Magic planet and more!
The man made beaches are beautiful with many other resorts right along the beach. Remember your in dubai, so everything is BIG, this includes all of the resorts.
It wouldn't be Dubai without experiencing the desert and having a ride on a camel.
This is an amazing experience which can include a 4wd ride through the sand dunes and a ride on the camels. 
Dubai has extreme heat depending on the time of year you travel, so again remember to be prepared for your daily adventures. Plenty of water, Plenty of Sunscreen and remember if your taking part in some traditional tours/sightseeing, you may need something to cover your shoulders. Your in their country so you need to abide by their culture.
Overall I love Dubai and think its a fabulous option for a family adventure, either a stop over or a destination.

Cant get away for just an adult getaway but want to go somewhere luxurious and have everything included?
Maldives is your answer. A property i could recommend where you can leave your wallet at home as everything is included before you arrive is Club Med Kani.
Being a Club Med Resort, everything is included.
Meals, Drinks, Activities, transfers, Kids Club plus much more.

Just because Maldives is all about luxury, doesnt mean you get to miss out by taking the kids. Club Med has you covered.

I think you get the best of both worlds with this destination, you get to experience the luxury Maldives has to offer, the kids will be kept busy with activities and kids club while mum and dad get to relax and enjoy the surroundings.
To experience the pure beauty of the Maldives, be sure to try and stay away when its their wet season as the cloudy days don't show off all of this place has to offer.
With the Maldives being only 3 hours from Singapore, you could tie in both destinations to make it a wonderful holiday experience for the whole family.

I hope you have enjoyed my recommendations for your next family holiday!